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IMG was established in 2003 as a performance enhancement company specializing in helping individuals and organizations
identify the tools and methods to use in achieving their goals.  We believe true success is achievable for every individual and
organization willing to employ the right principles.  What most never realize is studies show that 88% of achieving what you
want in life and career is determined by soft skills.  Hard skills represent only 12% of achieving success and unfortunitally,
that is what most training is designed to teach.  Our goal is to assist you in recognizing your full potential and guide you in
mastering the soft skill principles that will unleash the driving force to help you be more, do more and have more than you
ever dreamed possible. 
Take a look at each of our departments below and see futher how we we can assist you in achieving your goals
personally and professionally.

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Courses for Personal and Professional
Development and Continuing Education
Courses for Licensed Contractors.  
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    MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING If you are in need of a professional speaker to motivate and inspire your company or team to excel you've come to the right place. Donny has spoken to groups of all industries over his career.  Listen to him and see if he will fit your needs to ignite your organization.
    TRAINING - If you are in need of a training program that will provide the tools and methods to increase production and profits you've come to the right place. Check out our training programs and contact us for more information.
     CONSULTING - One of the most pressing issues for leaders and managers today is achieving profitable growth.  We at Ingram Management Group believe an efficient means in accomplishing sustained growth is to develop people to fulfill their personal and professional roles in life.  With so many hats being worn at work and at home today we sometimes get our role confused and forget that the one hat needed most is that of a mentor.  Our consulting is to help leaders see all options in order to make good decisions.  If you need to save dollars and increase production, we can help you in those areas as well.
     EXECUTIVE COACHING - Today, people wear numerous hats at work and at home... decision maker, coach, problem solver, counselor, motivator, accountant, even baby sitter.  Many people feel that situations and circumstances are overwhelming.  They may think the possibility of achieving the level of success they desire personally, professionally and finacially is slowly fading.  They know change is necessary but not how to make it happen. 

ARK Ministry

 ARK MinistryIMG suppports ARK Ministry.  The mission of ARK Ministry is to help bring greater success in the home. 

Many are living in fear, debt, sickness, depression and divorce with little hope.  The goal of ARK is to provide training that will educate, inform and ignite husbands, wives, and children to reach for more than they ever thought possible.